Krzysztof Mazur


Programme 1994/95
  My work is the continuation of problems I started to deal with last year. However, in this case it is already a specific suggestion of action I would like to realise. The action will find its expression as a computer installation, which I call multiplication. The first part of the installation will be the computer and detector of colors. With the help of color animation a musical composition will be encoded on a computer. It will be shown on the computer's monitor and read by a detector of colors directed at it. The detector will be set at eight colors, which will be transformed to sound signals; each color will correspond to a different sound. The signal will be sent to another part, which will be a music-visual construction. The construction will consist of eight specially tuned metal pipe loudspeakers partially filled with water. The loudspeaker placed in each pipe will be producing vibrations and the sound will be moving the water, which, illuminated by color light, will create moving pictures on the screen. As a result the music composition, whose source was a picture produced by a sound, creates a picture integrated with it. The action of these two elements is the first subcycle of the action. In the second subcycle the sound in the first subcycle will be entered in a computer and set on color animation. After the first cycle the animation will be reproduced thus finishing the cycle and starting a new one. The result will be a cyclical interaction with self-creating elements. The whole system introduces in itself new interpretations of the original composition. Apart from its own creations , the system introduces in itself the whole situation, an action expressed with sounds (reverberation, random knocks, rustle, voices, distortions). With all its elements of metaphor and multiplication, the system would create a new value as an organism reacting quickly to itself and to the environment, whose origin is an artistic act.