GPSART Self-portrait

Krzysztof Mazur

GPSART (start)     Błonia   28.12.2007   Cracov

  GPS - the Satellite Navigation System - belongs to the technology well-known from the spy-movies, as well as concordant with the vision of the totalitarism control over human beings. Now this kind of technology has become the every-day usage. Human psyche is not ready to accept and be at one with such changes and the surrounding reality seems to be a kind of unnatural and artificial reality. Perhaps it is art which may act as a means of our complying with the reality and ensuing changes. Art helps to find our position in the world of today facilitating the acceptance of the saturation with the objects of our own making. GPS, now accessible for everybody, is a technology, which provides us with accurate location and time information. It is used in navigation, logistics, geology and so on. GPS can also be used in artistic interactions between an artist/a man and the environment the globe. Location of an artist can be formed as an artistic creation during artistically planned series of her/his movements on surface of the globe. In its primary function, a record of the movements is a list of an artist's positions on surface. In virtual reality, however, the record changes its function and, in a result, becomes the series of lines differently shaped and in various colors, widths etc. A conglomeration of the lines creates new surfaces. Moreover, these lines can be led in such a way that their conglomeration creates masses or even sculptures. The main concept of such interactions is based on a physical effort connected with a real moving for many miles during a trip, a walk, flying, boating; in general: with people's adventures on surface of the globe. These activities were subordinated to an artistic vision and its realization. The virtual record of human activities on the globe has its characterization and a specific expression, but also some limits.